It is a source of great pride for Kharadunians of all social strata that their civilization is without hyperbole the most prosperous nation ever seen in the annals of Helyshyonian history. This is due to the nation’s founding as a collaboration between some local lord in possession of huge tracts of land complete with serfs living on them and the tightly affiliated network of entrepreneurs that could best put them to use, in a document known as the Dolsever Accord. Combining this willingness to cooperate for mutual personal gain with an openness to foreign influence and a strategic location on a major continent allowed Kharadun to forge one of the most dogmatic, bureaucratic, socially stratified lands of the world today.

It should therefore come as no surprise that a country that moves so quickly and forcefully in all areas also happens to be occupied almost entirely by humans, with the occasional masters of their crafts coming in from foreign lands to reap the benefits of their expertise.

The Cities of Kharadun

Kharadun’s prosperity lives and dies on the flourishing of its capital city, Dolsever. Its dozens of outlying hamlets, towns, and villages exist primarily to serve the needs of the titans of industry holed up within the capital’s walls. These many smaller settlements almost to a one feature communities centered around one primary resource extraction or resource refinement procedure. This single-minded method of organization began thousands of years ago when the Dolsever Accord was first struck and the robber barons of those millennia past first carved up the lands’ resources to best meet their needs.

The Fishing Province

Though the waters off the northern shores of Kharadun are frigid and often blanketed with sheets of ice, the depths below are teeming with life. The Kharadunian gentry has responded accordingly with a network of fishing operations and transportation stations to take advantage of the natural bounty. As with everything else, however, this process does not go unopposed: in addition to naturally-occurring, dangerous wildlife and hazards, the oceans are rife with gillmen and merfolk.

The Mining Province

Nestled into the mountains along the eastern border of Kharadun is its mining province. The dwarf-dominated region was not originally a part of the vast nation, but it was quickly brought into the fold with promises of favorable trading conditions. Now the dwarves send their best to Dolsever to ply their craft on the world’s stage while the more plebian of their kinds work alongside the seemingly endless throngs of humans willing to throw themselves into the spine-rending work of earthbreaking with them. The dwarves’ ancestral enemies have not dwindled in this surge of population. The Darklands’ bizarre and twisted existence just beneath the surface counters the flow of life with an equal number of those willing to plunder it: orcs, aberrations, nagaji, and the drow are all sobering threats to daily life here.

The Hungering Lumberyards

Between the mountain range to the east and the

The Plains

The Trade Roads


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